Saturday, 15 August 2009

Mayor of Karachi, Syed Mustafa Kamal

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Karachi. July 08: The City of Karachi has been assigned key role in the forthcoming annual meeting of the World Economic Forum “New Champions 2008” to be held from 25-27th September 2008 in Chinese city Tianjin.

The City Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal will besides giving thorough presentation in the official meeting also attend a separate private program focusing on the future of cities.

The Director and Head of Asia at the World Economic Forum Sushant Palakurthi Rao along with the Senior Manager for South Asia Christoph S. Sprung called on Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal at his office on Tuesday to discuss the agenda of the next meeting and convey the official invitation.

The representatives of WEF on this occasion said that the majority of the sessions for the forthcoming conference were designed to facilitate a constructive dialogue among the mayors and industry leaders to address the challenges that cities face in their future sustainable economic growth. It would also provide the opportunity to raise the global profile of the cities like Karachi with the 1000 leaders from the fastest growing global companies as well as representatives of government, media and civil society. The forum is likely to be participated by various heads of the countries, economic experts, mayors from mega cities and owners and representatives of multinational organizations.

The City of Karachi was first time given the membership of the World Economic Forum during its last annual meeting at Davos, Switzerland in Janurary2007 and the City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal was invited to attend the annual conference.

Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal has welcomed the representatives of the World Economic Forum and said that the meeting of WEF at Tianjin would provide an opportunity to market Karachi in a better way.


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اہم اطلاع :- غیر متعلق,غیر اخلاقی اور ذاتیات پر مبنی تبصرہ سے پرہیز کیجئے, مصنف ایسا تبصرہ حذف کرنے کا حق رکھتا ہے نیز مصنف کا مبصر کی رائے سے متفق ہونا ضروری نہیں۔

اگر آپ کے کمپوٹر میں اردو کی بورڈ انسٹال نہیں ہے تو اردو میں تبصرہ کرنے کے لیے ذیل کے اردو ایڈیٹر میں تبصرہ لکھ کر اسے تبصروں کے خانے میں کاپی پیسٹ کرکے شائع کردیں۔